The Best Moving Company in the Hamilton area

CHCH, The Hamilton Community News and The Hamilton Spectator have publicized their Best Moving Company of 2017/2018 list. Morrison Moving have been awarded the Platinum Readers Choice Award and Silver Business Excellence Awards for the best moving companies in Hamilton.

For anyone who doesn’t know what the readers choice awards are, this is when customers can vote for their favorite businesses. These votes are used to calculate the three best companies in Hamilton. The firms with the top amount of votes receive the Readers Choice Award in their chosen category. The CHCH Business Excellence Awards is also identical to the Readers Choice Awards. Only businesses who provide superb service and foster the most positive customer relationships are qualified to win these awards. Shoppers can feel self-confident that any business who may be awarded these Awards will extend great care and high-quality services to their customers.

What Makes Morrison Moving the Best of 2017 and 2018?
To be able to …

Tips For Moving Out After a Divorce

If a relationship is ending, regardless of whether it is six months or six decades old, it is a complicated process. Each move-out has its own issues. When you have children or pets with your ex, you should consider them in your arrangements. You will want to divide up your property and if you happen to be married, you will need to find a lawyer.

Moving out is stress-full and demanding, so we asked our professional movers for their suggestions on some best practices for moving out after a breakup or divorce. Here is their advice on the ideal ways to move out after a breakup or divorce:

Search for Legal Advice: Whenever there is children, pets or joint assets involved, get some help. Find a reliable family lawyer and ask them about potential legal ramifications regarding who actually possesses certain things. You could possibly want to have law enforcement or a lawyer present during the move to protect your interest.

Sort Out Your Things: It could be tempting to take all the things that…

Moving Tips For Moving into a Condo

Moving to your first condo can be a stressful experience for some people. For anyone who has never lived in a condo before, they know it challenges. Morrison Movinghas helped move so many people move to and from condos, that we made the decision to give you some helpful recommendations from our expert moving experts to make the process easier for you. Follow our tips and make your experience stress free.

Hire Professional Movers

We recommend highly that you work with professional movers to help you move into your new condominium. The movers will take care of all the hard and heavy items stuff. Make sure that the moving company is a registered business. You will discover numerous movers who aren't a registered as a company and they can be found on classified sites like Kijiji or Craigslist. We suggest working with a business that is fully insured and has a background in the area that you live. To spend less choose to move in the spring or fall. The summers are very busy and will co…

Should I Move Myself or Hire a Professional Movers

To have a stressfree move, you should plan ahead for the unexpected. Moving to a new residence can bring a lot of uncontrolled complications.

Many of do it yourself (diy) moves go as expected. Moving yourself is the most inexpensive way to move. On the other hand, the least expensive way isn't always the very best way. Moving yourself might be tricky if things go wrong and end up turning into a moving nightmare. In many cases, you depend on people to help you and they don't show up. The other concern is if you or your helpers injure themselves trying to move a big item.

For people with specialty items like grandfather clocks, artwork, antiques, pianos, pool tables, etc you will require special equipment to move it. Make sure you consider that the money you save by not hiring a professional moving company could end up being spent on repairs. These large and valuable pieces may get ruined while moving or induce damaged walls, floors and more.

What's your backup plan for the…

Be Cautious When Getting Online Moving Quotes

The procedure of finding an excellent moving company can seem to be overwhelming. But performing a little research will probably be worth it. By doing some research, you can cut your costs and prevent online scams. 
Ask close friends, coworkers, and local realtors for referrals or suggestions for reliable movers. We recommend that you request to have an in-house estimate completed. Once you’ve shopped around, you should have at least 3 moving quotes. If the moving company is unable to come to your house to do the estimate, ensure that they have photos and dimensions. Never trust an estimate where the mover has no idea of what to expect.
Cross check each company’s name on Google. Use their company name, address, telephone numbers, e-mail, and website to find feedback. Look for moving company reviews.  Get the names and contact info for the company’s references. Find out if they are an actual business. Make certain the company you select will be moving you themselves rather than outsou…

Tips to Make Moving Environmentally Friendly

Moving is a stressful time for many.

Unfortunately, the process of moving can also take a toll on the environment. From the gas involved in transportation to the fact that people tend to throw away a lot of things during the move, the environmental impact can be surprisingly high. Even the package materials can create a lot of waste in the process of packing and unpacking.

Here are some tips, you can make your move much more eco-conscious:

Donate Instead of Throwing Things Away

People tend to throw lots of things into the garbage or take things to the dump, even though items may still be in good condition. The reason for this is simple - it’s often the path of least resistance.

The problem is that these things end up in a landfill. One way to reduce your environmental impact during a move, especially if you are downsizing or getting rid of a lot of things during your transition, is to donate as much as you can.

Find a Community Centre near you or other similar charity. The process is very c…

The Difference Between Movers And Brokers

The Internet has made it super easy to get in touch with professional moving companies.  Getting a moving quote online is easier than ever before. However, do you know if you are contacting a moving company or broker?
Moving brokers are not professional movers in the sense that brokers are neither authorized nor licensed to transport household goods because they don’t own any moving trucks, moving staff, moving equipment, or packing supplies.
In reality, moving brokers act as middlemen between the customer (the individual who is moving home) and moving company (the business entity that will complete the actual transportation job). Brokers are trained sales teams that will arrange for the transportation of your household items and then will try to sell your booking info to an actual moving company that may provide the actual truck transportation.
Moving companies are the professional moversthat make the real household move. They personal their very own fleet of branded moving trucks, …